Reddish Egret

The figure below illustrates the structure of the GCJV partnership. The partnership is composed of a Management BoardScience Team; Initiative Area TeamsGIS Technical Committee; and the GCJV Staff located in Lafayette, LA. Other partners engage in conservation planning, research, monitoring, and/or habitat delivery activities on a project-specific basis.

The GCJV is guided by the Management Board, composed of representatives from each of the formal partners. This Management Board provides broad oversight and guidance for all aspects of the partnership, including establishment of conservation goals, maintenance of support necessary to achieve the goals, and determining policy. GCJV Staff serve as Chairpersons for each Science Team Working Group and the GIS Technical Committee. GCJV Staff also serve as advisors to the Initiative Area Teams, primarily assisting in communicating GCJV objectives and priorities, identifying potential projects that contribute to those objectives and priorities, and identifying sources of funding necessary to move projects toward completion.

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