GCJV Conservation Plans

Initiative Area Plans for Migrating/Wintering Waterfowl
Laguna Madre Initiative Area Implementation Plan (PDF)
Texas Mid-Coast Initiative Area Implementation Plan (PDF)
Chenier Plain Initiative Area Implementation Plan (PDF)
Mississippi River Coastal Wetlands Initiative Area Implementation Plan (PDF)
Coastal Mississippi Initiative Area Implementation Plan (PDF)
Coastal Alabama Initiative Area Implementation Plan (PDF)

Other Bird Conservation Plans
GCJV Landbird Plan BCR 37 (PDF)
GCJV Landbird Plan BCR 25, 26, 27 (Word Doc)
GCJV Shorebird Plan (Microsoft Word Doc)
Mottled Duck Conservation Plan (PDF)
List of Priority Landbird, Shorebird, and Waterbird Species (Microsoft Word Doc)
Reddish Egret Plan
Setting Northern Bobwhite Objectives for the Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative: A Tri-Joint Venture Initiative
Gulf Coast Joint Venture Priority Science Needs for Landbirds, Shorebirds, & Waterbirds
Little Blue Heron Plan
King Rail Plan

Bird Conservation Plan Summaries by Initiative Area
Coastal Mississippi-Alabama Initiative Area Fact Sheet (PDF)
Mississippi River Coastal Wetlands Initiative Area Fact Sheet (PDF)
Chenier Plain Initiative Area Fact Sheet (PDF)
Texas Mid-Coast Initiative Area Fact Sheet (PDF)
Laguna Madre Initiative Area Fact Sheet (PDF)

GCJV Monitoring Summaries

MODU Breeding Population Survey Monitoring Summary (PDF)
Waterfowl Surface Water Monitoring Summary (PDF)
WRAP Monitoring Population Summary (PDF)
WRAP Monitoring Habitat Summary (PDF)
TPWP Performance Monitoring Summary (PDF)

GCJV Science Showcase







GCJV Newsletters

GCJV Newsletter September 2009 (PDF)
GCJV Newsletter April 2010 (PDF)

Other Documents

Desired Characteristics of Joint Venture Partnerships (Word Doc)
Strategic Habitat Conservation Plan June 2006 (PDF)

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